Secure Shared-Server Webspace

Secure Shared-Server Website Hosting

Our Shared Webspace Hosting is where your website is located on the same server as other small-traffic domains. We limit our servers to no more than 50 low traffic websites to give your website the optimal advantage for speed and rapid content delivery to your clients.


We offer our extensive website hosting and development knowledge to assist you with maintaining your website when you host with us.

All packages include changes and content updates to your site, saving you time and money. Simply eMail us and we’ll take care of it for you. All Linux Website hosting packages also include the industry standard, (cPanel) Control panel so you have complete control of your web host environment. Gain access to analytics, complete email account management, mx records, and forwarding, Database Management, Complete Backups, and much more starting at only $24.95 per month! If you need more space, its only $5 each additional 1GB per month.


Hosting your website on a Shared Hosting Platform is the most popular way on the internet to host primarily due to its low monthly cost. At XMLA, we have been hosting our customers for over 18 years, and we have deployed our experience and knowledge into our data centers, servers, and systems to ensure peak performance and maximum uptime, stability and security.


We know what works and what doesn’t.  We pride ourselves on our industry-leading uptime, security standards and respect to enforce our clients security and provide maximum browsing speed; data-center wide.


Managed Services included with our hosting services.

When you host your website with XMLA, we offer Managed Services which are included with your monthly hosting package.  XMLA is available to you for up to 1 hour of changes and updates to your website each month. Simply eMail us your request and we take care of it and notify you when completed. The easier the requested task, the quicker it is handled. Typically within 24 hours or less.


What if there’s an issue?

If your site experiences unexpected downtime or script issues, you immediately gain priority service to get your site restored.

We offer automatic Nightly backup service included with all of our shared web space servers. If something goes wrong, we can restore your site from backup, typically within an hour or less.

We support almost every website platform and framework. Including custom applications. We are running the latest version of php and mysql, so please update your scripts prior to migrating to XMLA. We do not permit gross out of date content management systems or plugins for security purposes.


Have problems making your payment?

We have a flexible 60-day grace period on web hosting if needed to allow you to get caught up with life. We won’t shut you down if your a day or even a month late.  We all live in the real world and sometimes being able to eat is more important than paying your web hosting bill. Don’t worry, we understand and we will work with you and never judge you. We’ve all been there. We even offer payment plans to get you caught up when you’re ready. We’re here to work with you and help your business grow. We want to be your online partner for life through thick and thin. That’s how we roll.

1GB of Storage for Web + E-Mail
  • Shared-Server Website Hosting$24.95/mo
    • Cpanel Complete-Control Panel Included!
    • Secure eMail
    • Only $5 per each additional 1GB/mo.
    • Up to (1) hour of website updates & changes included per month! ($20 per hour thereafter )