Secure your online future.

We offer low cost, fully managed domain name registration’s of all major and minor domain name (tld/sld) extensions. You will have full access and control over your domain(s), your domain name(s) will be in your name and our online account portals are secure and trusted.


New Domain Registrations start as low as $4.95.
Register any available .com for only $12.01 – .net and .org only $13.33 annually.
*Transfers & Renewals add an additional year to your domain’s original expiration date.


To manage your domain name(s) yourself, you can access our registry directly at or to have us manage your domain name for you which is included with the domain purchase price.


Click Here and secure your new domain name and be managed through XMLA Domain Registration Services.

Your Privacy Matters.

If you want to protect your personal information from the public whois search, Domain Privacy Protection is available for an additional $7.99 per year.

Did you know that if you don’t have privacy protection on your domain name, your personal information is visible to the public via a whois search?

This is a strange mandate by ICANN to make sure that you list your personal information with them, but you can optionally chose to his this information publically for an additional fee.  Like Paying to be removed from the Phone Book.

Leaving your personal information visible leaves your confidentiality in jeopardy and may lead to potential unwanted visitors, sMail and eMail solicitation, and may potentially used in identity theft or spamming.


All domain name registrar’s charge additional for domain name privacy protection, some up to $20 or more on top of the domain name registration fee.

At XMLA, we have extremely competitive domain pricing and offer privacy protection on any tld that allows it for only $7.99 per year/per domain.

*.us is not eligible for Privacy Protection.

Fully Managed Domain Name Registration
  • Domain Name Registration/Renewal/Transfer$12.01/Annually
  • Don’t want to manage your own domain names? We do it for you.

    • Automatic Renewal unless told otherwise

    • Very Competitive with Industry Rates

    • Accounts are fully managed and you still have full access

    • Domains Registered under YOUR name – not ours.

Hide Your Domain Ownership Details
  • Privacy Protection$7.99/Annually
  • Replace your personal information with an approved privacy message when someone looks up your whois domain ownership record. This prevents spamming and unwanted solicitation when purchasing or renewing your domain name(s). This also protects your home address and personal contact details from being displayed online in the public record. Privacy protection not available for all domain names including .US.

*Domain registration prices may vary based on extension.

Still have Questions?

What if your domain name expires?

Unlike other companies, we stay in contact with our customers and will alert you if your domain name has expired.  And if it accidentally expires, don’t worry.  You have up to 30-60 days to recover your domain name from deletion and re-allocation.


Why would my domain name expire if you automatically renew my domain?

If payment fails for the renewal, the domain will not auto-renew.


Do you store my Credit Card Securely and Protect my Identity?

Absolutely. Our Systems use very Powerful Encryption and Security Measures to protect against intrusion, acquisition, separation, injection or peeping. We take every possible precaution to protect our customers data.  We’ve been security experts for over 15 years and we bring in specialists from time to time to re-evaluate our systems and enhance and strengthen our security with new technologies and algorithms , and we have a lot of secrets to protect, We don’t even gossip… except to our pets. 🙂


Can I transfer my domain name to XMLA if it already expired?

No. You must renew the domain name prior to transfer. The Transfer will extend the expiration date an additional year, so you won’t lose out.