Put simply, we make all of your site changes for you.

Simply eMail us a list of your changes and we’ll take care of them for you. Usually within 24 hours or less depending on the complexity of the requests.


When you host with XMLA, we offer Complete Online Management from content updates, automatically renewing domains, installing new scripts or addons, SSL certificate Management, Malware Detection and Removal, Technical Assistance from industry Pros and much more. No matter the platform your site is developed on, or operating system it requires; XMLA is proud to offer the expertise and talent of 18+ years in managing online business’ globally. We know what we’re doing, and it shows.


SOS Protocol:
If there is ever a site in distress, it has always been our top priority to get it restored to its previously operational state, then patched for security so the issue doesn’t re-occur.

Our team of experienced troubleshooters can diagnose and solve almost any problem or propose a solution within 24 hours if issue cannot be resolved immediately.


At XMLA, our focus is personalized customer service & superior support.  We truly appreciate your business and respect your time. We get to know our customers so we can better understand what they want from their online business and how we can offer our insight to guide you and your business in the right direction. In this high-tech time, we pride ourselves on our old-fashioned personal approach and attention to detail in everything we do. We believe that If it can’t be done correctly, it shouldn’t be done at all.


Years of Experience:
After 15 Years, Customer come and go right?  We don’t really lose a lot of customers unless that company goes out of business. Once our clients discover XMLA, they tend not to leave, and that’s ok with us. It means we’re doing something right, and we constantly improve and increase our technical education to stay on top of the digital world that puzzles many.

We have a client retention rate of 97% which apparently is unheard in our industry, but we have the documentation to back it up. Occasionally,  Some customers may be lured away by gimmicks or a cheaper price, but they almost always return to XMLA as we offer services above and beyond what you can find anywhere else online.


Since 1999, XMLA has been entertaining and educating our customers to allow them to grow and expand. Now, 16 years later, we’ve pretty much mastered our crafts and have streamlined our operations to better serve our customers and offer the best possible products and services available. Ask around or any of our clients, Check our Yelp! or Angie’s List. People Love us! And we Love Them! We Love what we do and are here to help.

Are you ready to experience the industry-leading, trend-setting services and support of XMLA?

1 Hour of Content Updating
  • Managed Services$$19.95/mo
    • Package includes 1 Hour of Content Updates per month.
    • If your site demands more than 1 hour of updates, it’s only $20 per hour thereafter.
    • Updating of images, text, events, blogs and more!

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1GB Storage + 1 Hour of Updates
  • Managed Hosting$$24.95/mo
    • 1GB Hosted Storage for Website and Email
    • Package includes 1 Hour of Content Updates per month.
    • If your site demands more than 1 hour of updates, it’s only $20 per hour thereafter.
    • If you need more storage space, its only $5 per month per each additional 1GB
    • Updating of images, text, events, blogs and more!

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5 Hours of Server & Content Updating
  • Managed Dedicated$99/mo
  • If you would like to include or Content Updating Services for all websites on your server, It’s only $99 per month ( Only $3.30 per day ) for up to 5 Hours of Server Management and Content Updates per month.

    If your server demands more than 5 hours of updates per month, it’s only $20 per hour thereafter.

    *Paid Script Add-Ons, Mods, Theme and CMS Updates are not included with Content Updating or Managed Services.

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