Development Requirements

When we build your new website, we will need some information from you to help personalize your site to your business or brand.

Below you will find a helpful checklist of items we need from you to help us complete your new website build.

If you don’t have one of the requirements, you can ignore it and we will work around it or resource an alternative.

And of course, you may always reach out to us if you have any questions.


ChecklistWhat are the Site Sections/Pages
Home, Services, Company, Contact, etc. including sub-pages desired.

Site Content for the Site Sections/Pages
We can have chat GPT (AI) write some content for you and edit to suit or you may provide your own content for each page. If you are in a specialized field, we may need to hire additional copy-writers to generate searchable content.

Images & Photos
You may provide your own high-quality/high-resolution photos to use on your site or we will use stock photography or AI to generate unique images depending on your site style.

Videos & Media
Do you have any video clips, interviews, press, or audio you want to showcase on the site? We request the highest quality format you can provide and we will convert for web delivery. Videos are best viewed when hosted at a third party site like vimeo or youtube and your visitors can take advantage of hinted streaming for mobile users to optimize the video size and quality for each device visiting your site.

eCommerce Checklist

When building a store, we need all of the content listed above but we also need your product data. If you have an existing live store, we can migrate the inventory to your new site and make any adjustments or changes as needed.

Product Title
What is the name of the item you are showcasing?

Product Description
Most sites allow for a short description and full detailed description.

Product Sku’s
This is a unique identifier used for inventory management. You can provide the product UPC or original sku’s or we can generate them at the time of import/addition.

Product Image(s)
A professional, high-quality image of the item(s) you are showcasing.

Product(s) shipping weights and dimensions
When you pack and ship each product, what are the Height, Width, and Length of the item including its weight outside of the box. This is used for shipping auto-calculation through your preferred carrier.

*If you don’t have access to this information, we can either measure the items, or guesstimate and adjust as needed after your first few shipments.

Product Price(s)
When providing your prices, you want to make sure there is some room for discounts and incentives to help you sell more online by offering coupon codes or seasonal promotions.

Product or Brand Category
What is the general category or brand name a product will be grouped by?

Product Tags
These are names used by the search feature to easily locate products and similar products in a group like a filter.

Preferred Shipping Partner
We have modules to work with any popular provider. Just let us know whom you wish to use. We will instruct you to create a web tools or developer account and provide access so we can integrate their shipping auto-rate calculation API into your new website store. Popular partners are USPS for low cost, UPS for reliability and tracking, and Fedex for tracking and speed.

Preferred Payment Solution
When customers are checking out, making it as easy as possible is always key. When customers get frustrated, they leave.

We simplify the checkout process by streamlining the cart-checkout process and automating payment capture and invoice processing. We just need to know which preferred payment solution you wish to use. For low volume, we recommend to accept credit cards on-site. We also recommend you offer accepting payments via PayPal as some customers don’t wish to enter their credit card details on site’s they are not familiar with. For larger or high volume transactional processing, we recommend setting up payment gateway linked to a merchant provider ( we recommend and use NDMS ). 

ADA Compliance

For retail and medium to large business’, you will be required to adhere to ADA ( American’s with Disabilities ) act on your website as you do for your location that allows customers to visit or if you have 15 or more employees per EDD.

In lieu of this, please also provide titles or descriptions for all images provided. or we can use AI to generate the alt-image tag titles.

For an all-in-one solution to ADA Compliance, we recommend accessiBe.