Since 1999, XMLA has been developing and hosting websites for our clients for over 24 years. Our customers stay with XMLA due to our extensive knowledge, professionalism, troubleshooting recommendations and work ethic.

Over the years, we’ve heard too many stories from new clients about not having a positive experience with their previous host.  At XMLA, we are often considered the super hero’s of the internet as we have impressive abilities above most other agencies for online management and we get you setup where you stay in complete control and use us as your guide. In addition,  we assist you in optimizing your brand, supercharging your website, thus, streamlining your online business and improving sales, profit, and make you look better to your client base.

Hosting your website with XMLA with our affordable Shared Webspace Platform is our most popular way to host a website. We have been hosting our customers for over 24 years, and we have deployed our experience and knowledge into each site we build, every site we host, and into our data centers, servers, and internal systems to ensure peak performance, maximum uptime, stability and most importantly, protecting your identity with maximum security.


Website Management

XMLA website hosting packages include up to 1 hour of content updates to your website each month. Need to add an additional email account, need update your website with new content? Simply Email us your change or update request and we take care of it and notify you when completed. Typically updated within 24 hours or less. If you need more work over the included hour per month, it’s only $25 per each additional hour required. We will notify you before any additional charges are billed.

We are here to service your company’s website needs, big or small. 

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VPS/Dedicated Server Management

Do you need a dedicated team to manage your dedicated or VPS server? XMLA offers server management to make sure your server is updated with the latest updates, patches, and features.

Server management starts at only $99/mo per server.

VPS Dedicated

Secure, Fast, & Reliable.

Next-Gen / Newest Server Technologies

We’ve upgraded our entire infrastructure with all servers running:

F5 Distributed Cloud AIP

Advanced Server Protection

One of the newest features we’ve recently implemented on our Shared systems is a datacenter-level security protection system called F5. DC AIP which includes:

– Continuous security monitoring
– Alerts on unusual, high-risk, and harmful activities
– Risk reporting
– Proactive threat mitigation
– Anomaly detection and detailed investigations
– Monitoring for system and file integrity
– Network activity surveillance
– Quick response and corrective actions
– Support in adhering to security standards
– Round-the-clock expert analysis of critical alerts by our Security Operation Center (SOC)

If you’re interested in adding F5 DC AIP to your XMLA server, It’s only $29.95/mo per server for VPS and $49.95/mo per Dedicated Servers.

*F5 DC AIP is included automatically with all Shared Hosting accounts. 

Secure Server Plus

This comprehensive service includes:
– Robust anti-spam and anti-virus measures
– Advanced HTTP intrusion safeguards
– Hardening for server, PHP, SSH, cPanel, & FTP
– Regular CXS scans
– A dedicated ‘Quarantine’ folder for isolating suspicious files
– Effective brute force attack detection and prevention
– Thorough vulnerability assessments

SS+ aims to provide a robust shield against cyber threats and assist in system recovery post-malware infection. It also includes various security enhancements to further fortify your server against potential attacks. Note: Without SS+, malware analysis and removal fall outside our standard support scope.

*You must have a dedicated or VPS server with XMLA to be eligible for these services.

We host & update your website for you
starting at $27.95 per month!*

*Includes 1GB storage. Additional 1GB storage is $5/mo. 1 Hour of updates included per month. Additional hours for changes: $25/hr.



Need help moving your website?
We’ll do it for you!

We offer website migration services for free!
Simply provide us access and we’ll handle the rest for a seamless, no-downtime transition.

We can always assist you with this as needed.



For each additional website you host with us, we discount you $5 off each additional hosted website! Consolidate your domains to XMLA Managed Website Hosting and pay as low as $7.95/mo for the 5th hosted website!
*Shared-Webspace Hosting only.

Host 2 Websites,
Second one is $22.95/mo for 1GB
Host 3 Websites,
Third one is $17.95/mo for 1GB
Host 4 Websites,
Forth one is $12.95/mo for 1GB
Host 5+ Websites,
Five or more is $7.95/mo for 1GB

These discounts stay active with your account as long as you keep those additional domains hosted with XMLA.

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For over 24 years, we’ve been serving our customers in a professional manner and have always strived to exceed their expectations.

1 GB SSD Shared Package
  • Nightly Backups
  • Security
    Malware Scanning/DDOS Protection
  • Storage
    1 GB / 2 GB Ram
  • OS
  • Updates
    1 Hour per Month
  • Additional Storage
    +$5/mo per 1GB
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100 GB SSD VPS Package
  • Nightly Backups
  • Security
    Malware Scanning/DDOS Protection
  • Storage
    100 GB / 4 GB Ram
  • OS
  • Updates
    Managed +$99/mo
  • Additional Storage
    +$50/mo > 100GB
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240x2 GB SSD Dedicated Package
  • Nightly Backups
  • Security
    Malware Scanning/DDOS Protection
  • Storage
    240 GB x 2 / 16GB Ram
  • OS
  • Updates
    Managed +$99/mo
  • Additional Storage
    +$100/mo > 500GB
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