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You just found your new Web Management Agency.

Since 1999, XMLA has been Creating and Hosting websites for our clients from day 1. We started to impress with our Graphic Design abilities and Amazing Flash-enabled Websites. Our customers stuck around due to our extensive knowledge, professionalism, troubleshooting recommendations and work ethic.

Shortly thereafter, we started working with large corporations and the entertainment industries and started offering our assistance and amazing services to everyone.  Over the years, we’ve heard too many stories from new clients about not having a positive experience with their previous designer or agency.  At XMLA, we are often considered the super hero’s of the internet as we have impressive abilities above most other agencies for online management and we get you setup where you stay in complete control and use us as your guide. In addition,  we assist you in optimizing your brand, supercharging your website, thus, streamlining your online business and improving sales, profit, and make you look better to your client base.


Our Job is to make you look good and guide you to success.


XMLA Managed Website Hosting
Hosting your website with XMLA with our affordable Shared Webspace Platform is our most popular way to host your website. We have been hosting our customers for over 15 years and we have deployed our experience and knowledge into each site we build, every site we host, and into our data centers, servers, and internal systems to ensure peak performance, maximum uptime, stability and most importantly, protecting your identity with maximum security.


When you host with XMLA, You get content updating automatically included with your Shared Monthly Hosting.
XMLA is available for up to 1 hour of changes and updates to your website each month. Simply eMail us your request and we take care of it and notify you when completed. The easier the requested task, the quicker it is completed. Typically within 24 hours or less.


Need hosting for a high traffic or server-heavy application? Dedicated Server Hosting starts at $299 per month.
1st Year of SSL and Server domain name included.

*Managed Services Optional +$99/mo ( Up to 5 Hours of Site Changes )
**$119 for privacy protected domain and ssl renewal annually


If ANY on of the websites XMLA host experiences unexpected downtime or script issues, That Site/Server is immediately troubleshooted with our ASAP Priority Service to get you back online or restored to its previous, operational state – then patched so the issue doesn’t recur.


We offer automatic Nightly backup service included at no additional cost with all of our Shared Webspace Servers. If something ever goes amis, we can restore your website from our liner backups. Dedicated Servers are backed up weekly, locally on the server itself on a separate dedicated backup drive.


We support almost every website platform and framework including custom applications. If it’s hosted on a web server, we can “most likely” manage and support it. Only U.S./U.K. English-based coding is supported at this time.


Please Note: We do not permit out of date (5+ Years) CMS – Content Management Systems or unsupported plugins for security purposes as they are easily compromised and exploited. These outdated systems will need to be updated prior to being permitted on our network or a VPS or Dedicated Solution will be required. Some updates will require a paid upgrade if site is customized or a paid update is required from the code developer.


Need help moving your website?

We offer website migration services for free! Simply provide us access and we’ll handle the rest for a seamless, no-downtime transition.

*Please backup your eMail to your local computer prior to transferring your website unless email services are hosted elsewhere. We can assist you with this as needed.


Our Primary Focus is Managed Hosting…but we won’t stop there.


From Privacy Protected Domain Name Registrations, SSL Certificates, and Site Content Updates and CMS Plugin, Core, and Theme updates, we also feature full production services and equipment rentals for making movies, tv, or videos to bring you more exposure and increase your promotional efforts.

We are here to service your online management requirements, big or small.  We are… XMLA.

  • Shared Webspace$24.95/mo
  • Servers Limited to only 50 Low traffic Websites

    • 1 Hour of Content Changes Included!
    • CPanel Full Control Panel
    • Scalable – Only $5 per additional 1GB/mo.
    • Managed Services Included! (1 hr per month )

160 GB SSD
  • Dedicated Server$299.95/mo
    • Only your sites are on the server
    • Managed Services Included! ( 5 Hours/mo )
    • WHM/Cpanel
    • Root Access (if desired)
    • Scalable with minimal downtime


Have more than 1 website you need to host?

For each additional website you host with us, we discount you $5 per month off that package. Minimum hosted websites in multi-domain packages is $5 per hosted domain. *Shared-Webspace Hosting only.