Tracking / Voiceovers / ADR

Is there anybody.. Out There.

At XSite Studios, you can record any type of Audio from Voice Overs, Animation Tracking, Vocal Tracking, Sound Foley, Film ADR, Singing and Lyric Vocalization with an experienced Producer to help make you sound your absolute best.


Whether you started your project with us or somewhere else, we can help you finish it with exceptional results.

Professional Audio Recording
  • Capture$50/per hour
    • Professional Audio Recording in 48khz or 96khz
    • AKG Perception, Sennheiser, & Neuman Microphones
    • ProTools 12 or Logic Pro X with Avid S3¬†Mixing Interface

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Tony from 1AD7 Recording on our Vocal Booth

Tones sick dropping a track for the new album